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Evie is a Minimalist Launcher for Android That Delivers

Evie is a Minimalist Launcher for Android That Gets the Job Done - tfi

Android launchers are a users delight. Launchers let you customize your device in unbelievable number of ways and afford greater ease of use. And there’s no dearth of them in Google Play and we’ve done our share of reviews on a number of them. Nova Launcher may be everyone’s favorite launcher, but that doesn’t mean […]

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Toolbox for Keynote Mac App Leverages the Power of Keynote


  DownGetting your point across takes a killer presentation paired with some wit and a winning attitude. With the multitude of technologies available to put together your presentation, the task can get daunting. It’s already difficult enough as it is, but without mastery of tools, you can be left wondering where to start. Toolbox for […]

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Christmas Day 2016 Countdown Apps for Your iPhone


Christmas time is more than just a holiday. Its a season filled with happy and heart warming memories. Whether its December or the middle of June, there’s always a time when we stop and dream of the wonderful holiday season. If you like me, are waiting excitedly to put up the Christmas tree and start […]

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